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A GREAT way to learn more about Galena – whether you’re a tourist or a native, you will find this app very entertaining and delightfully educational!

More Scams

Phone scams are multiplying like rabbits – beware of any phone calls or pop-ups with phone numbers claiming your computer is infected.  If you see a screen like this, do not call; simply reboot your computer.  These pop-ups are “advertisements” and the phone number is not Microsoft.

microsoft scam

Microsoft has made it very clear that they will never contact you by phone, and they do not encourage “end users” to contact their support department.

If you think your computer is infected, contact your security provider (Norton, McAfee, etc.), the computer manufacturer (Dell, Apple, etc.), or your favorite local support provider (WCS!)

Ransomware Still a Threat

Beware of ransomware – viruses that get into your system and encrypt your data, forcing you to pay a ransom for the encryption key.  This strain of malware has been out for a couple of years now, but has seen a recent surge in activity, including a Los Angeles hospital that reportedly paid $17,000 to restore their systems.

The best defense against ransomware (and every other computer threat) is to backup your data regularly, keep multiple days’ backups, keep up-to-date with operating system patches, and maintain a subscription to security software.

If you are infected, do not pay the ransom – it will only fuel the next round of ransomware.   As long as it is profitable, this type of activity will continue.

Donor Software – Ten Tips

Tech Support Scam

bluescreenHave you ever been surfing the web and end up on a page like this? DON’T call the toll free number – this is what is known as a “fake alert”. It is not coming from your computer, but from the web page you are viewing. Your computer is not infected, and the phone number is NOT Microsoft – it is a scam to relieve you of your hard earned cash!

closewarningWhat do you do?  First, try closing the window.  You’ll likely see something like this:

Notice the check box at the bottom to “Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs” – check this box or you’ll be stuck in and endless loop of messages to prevent you from closing.

If that doesn’t work, open Task Manager (ctrl-alt-delete, click Task Manager) and “End Task” for the web page.  If that also fails, reboot your computer.

What if I call?  They will try to convince you that your computer is infected, about to crash, and only they can help you – for a sum of $199 – $399, depending on how gullible they think you are.  In addition to not really protecting you, they may install remote software so they can use your computer at a later date for their own purposes, and they may also attempt to gather data on you to use for identity theft.


“Who’s in Your Computer?”  That is the question being asked at the 2016 Rotary Roundtable, January 13th at Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa.  Click here for more details.

The event starts at 1:00 and goes until 5:00 – mark your calendar!  You won’t want to miss this!

Our Office

buildingVisit us at: 800 Spring Street, Suite 101.  Located in the Knautz Professional Building at the base of Summit Street on US 20 in Galena, IL.  Enter on the North (right) side of the building.

Ready for a New Computer?

Are you ready for a new computer – or tablet, or phone, or network – but not sure what the best solution is for your needs?  We can help you navigate the sea of technology, and make sure you’re getting everything you need, but not paying for things you don’t need and won’t use.

Computer Clean-up

Bring your computer in for a tune-up.  We’ll clean out unnecessary “background” programs and orphaned temp files, scan for and remove malware and viruses, and give your computer the attention it deserves to make it perform as well as it can.

New Computer Updates

If you’ve just purchased – or plan to purchase – a new computer, make sure you take the time to download and install ALL Windows updates before you do anything else. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, this could take days. However, on a high speed line of 10Mpbs or more it will still take hours to complete.

If you’re computer has Windows 8, make sure to download and install 8.1 – it is a free upgrade, but will take a long time to download and install. The update file is about 3.5GB, that’s GigaBytes, which will take hours even on a fast connection.

If you don’t run Windows Update right away and get it over with, it will do it for you – and cause the computer to be slow and a times unusable. It doesn’t mean you got rooked on your purchase, it is just trying to keep up with all that can (and did) go wrong with Windows after they released it. Once you are caught up with the updates, you can continue loading your software and transferring your data, and you’ll find your new computer runs really fast!