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More Scams

Phone scams are multiplying like rabbits – beware of any phone calls or pop-ups with phone numbers claiming your computer is infected.  If you see a screen like this, do not call; simply reboot your computer.  These pop-ups are “advertisements” and the phone number is not Microsoft.

microsoft scam

Microsoft has made it very clear that they will never contact you by phone, and they do not encourage “end users” to contact their support department.

If you think your computer is infected, contact your security provider (Norton, McAfee, etc.), the computer manufacturer (Dell, Apple, etc.), or your favorite local support provider (WCS!)

Our Office

buildingVisit us at: 800 Spring Street, Suite 101.  Located in the Knautz Professional Building at the base of Summit Street on US 20 in Galena, IL.  Enter on the North (right) side of the building.

Ready for a New Computer?

Are you ready for a new computer – or tablet, or phone, or network – but not sure what the best solution is for your needs?  We can help you navigate the sea of technology, and make sure you’re getting everything you need, but not paying for things you don’t need and won’t use.

Computer Clean-up

Bring your computer in for a tune-up.  We’ll clean out unnecessary “background” programs and orphaned temp files, scan for and remove malware and viruses, and give your computer the attention it deserves to make it perform as well as it can.

Tech Support Scams

As you search for tech support for your new electronics, beware of spoof sites.  When you search for “Apple support” or “Microsoft support”, the results will include the free support sites you are looking for, but also hucksters claiming to be Apple or Microsoft support, but are actually just looking to make a quick buck.  New items are always under some sort of warranty, and you shouldn’t have to pay to get them fixed.

Backup Computer

Of course you are backing up your data on a regular basis (you are, aren’t you??), but have you thought about what you’ll do when it dies? Many people make a HUGE mistake when their computer dies: they rush to the nearest store and buy whatever is on sale, just to get back up and running.

Consider a second computer

Most of us already have more than one computer in the house – the “good one” and the “old one”. Of course, the “old one” wasn’t “good” enough a couple years ago, so we bought the “good one”. The problem: the “old one” probably doesn’t boot at all anymore, and certainly can’t do what we need to do when we need to do it. Wouldn’t it be better to have a “good one” and a “better one”? It is definitely better to have a spare that you can use in emergencies – and give yourself time to pick out the RIGHT computer when you do need to purchase one.

Thoughts on Security

Read the headlines – Visa, Microsoft, Google, the Pentagon – even the Fed have been attacked and/or hacked into in recent months.  If the richest companies and the richest nation on Earth are vulnerable, how secure is YOUR data, really? If it is on the Internet and/or accessible to you from anywhere, it is also accessible to hackers and identity thieves. Make securing your data (and removing access to it when not needed) your #1 priority in today’s world.

A few words about passwords

Make sure you keep your passwords safe – don’t ever e-mail your passwords to anybody for any reason. If you must give someone your password to help you with an account, change it immediately afterward.

Fraud and Identity Theft

…can start with guessing or intercepting your e-mail password. Once a criminal has access to your e-mail, you and your friends are vulnerable to a whole host of exploits.

Make your password secure

…using random letters, numbers, and special characters (where allowed) can greatly reduce the chances of being compromised.
It is not a good idea if your password is listed anywhere on your Facebook page – vacation spot, address, pet or child’s name, etc. Random is the key – the more random, the better.

Don’t re-use passwords

I know it’s a pain, but change your passwords often, and don’t use the same password for Facebook and Bank of America.