A few words about passwords

Make sure you keep your passwords safe – don’t ever e-mail your passwords to anybody for any reason. If you must give someone your password to help you with an account, change it immediately afterward.

Fraud and Identity Theft

…can start with guessing or intercepting your e-mail password. Once a criminal has access to your e-mail, you and your friends are vulnerable to a whole host of exploits.

Make your password secure

…using random letters, numbers, and special characters (where allowed) can greatly reduce the chances of being compromised.
It is not a good idea if your password is listed anywhere on your Facebook page – vacation spot, address, pet or child’s name, etc. Random is the key – the more random, the better.

Don’t re-use passwords

I know it’s a pain, but change your passwords often, and don’t use the same password for Facebook and Bank of America.